The starting rate for Katisfaction Cat- Sitting is from € 10,- per day for a single visit.

This rate is dependent on the number of cats and the distance to your home. On public holidays a surcharge of 50% is applicable. 

The rate is calculated based on the normal care of an average cat. If your cat needs special care or if you have

additional requests an appropriate rate will be calculated. The introductory interview is always free and without obligation. 


The day rate for normal care of your cat includes:

·         Feeding and the provision of fresh water

·         Providing attention, cuddles and/or play

·         Checking litter tray and cleaning as necessary

·         Vacuuming/sweeping of displaced litter around litter box

·         Cleaning-up of ‘little accidents’

·         Watering of plants (for a small to normal quantity; price on request for a large garden or balcony)

·         Clearing of your mailbox

The administering of medication or supplements is usually included in the price, unless it is particularly difficult or time-consuming. The rate for the care of other small pets is available on request, as is the rate for any other special

(household) wishes.


The day rate for normal care of your cat excludes:

·         Extensive care, like brushing and/or medical care. This rate will be further defined, depending on your cat’s needs.

·         A visit to the vet. Each visit costs € 25,-. An emergency visit outside regular opening hours costs € 50,-.

          The fee of the (emergency) vet, medication and travel costs (public transport or taxi) are also for your account.

·         Unforeseen costs, such as (extra) cat food, cat litter or medicines, are always for the account of the owner.

          I also apply a € 7,50 charge for each necessary errand.

·         Collection or delivery of your keys before or after the cat sitting period. This costs € 7,50 each time.

          You can instead hand over your keys to me during the introductory interview, or deliver to me/collect from me

          before/after the cat sitting period. There is of course no charge for this.


Would you like more information about my rates? Then please get in touch with me. Please specify the number of cats

and your full street address so that I can inform you of the appropriate rate.

- Katisfaction Terms and Conditions.pdf - (General/Payment/Cancellations)

Katisfaction Cat-Sitting Rates