Katisfaction - since 2009 - is a privately run cat-sitting service that takes care of your cat(s) at your home while

you are going on holiday or a weekend getaway. Your cat stays in familiar surroundings (instead of going to a Cattery)

and you do not have to feel uncomfortable about always asking your neighbours to take care of your cat.

Are you looking for a reliable, experienced and loving cat sitter who not only puts down a bowl of

food but also spends time with your pet so he/she doesn’t feel lonely? Then you need Katisfaction!

From € 10,- per day (see rates) I will come to your house to take care of your cat(s).

As well as feeding your cat, I will give it much love and attention and will of course also clean the litter tray.

If desired, I will also water your plants and clear the mail from your mailbox.

Do you have any other animals such as rabbits, hamsters or fish? I am more than happy to take care of them as well.

How I work

We will arrange an appointment for a free intake interview without any obligations. The interview should

preferably take place at your home so I can meet your cat(s) as well. During the intake we’ll discuss your

wishes concerning the daily care of your cat. This includes feeding, litter tray cleaning, medication, the character

of your cat and personal attention for your animal. Any other practical topics related to your house will also be

discussed. To make sure that everything is covered, I use a checklist during the intake interview.

During your absence I will visit your home once per day to take care of your animal(s).

If possible, I will come at your preferred time. In any case and whenever possible, I will come at a consistent

time each day to ensure some structure for your cat.

If you would like, I will keep you updated on the well-being of your cat(s) so that you don’t feel completely

apart from your four-footed friend(s)!

About Katisfaction Cat-Sitting Delft and Den Hoorn

Delft and Den Hoorn area

I work from Molenbuurt in Delft. Do you live in Delft or Den Hoorn? I will probably be happy to be of service to you.

However, since I am new to the area, I still have to define my working area, probably within a radius of 3 to maximum

5 km. Also it is not just a matter of distance, it depends on my schedule as well whether I can help you out.

Please do no hesitate to contact me for more information.