My name is Lizet and I am 41 years old. I was born and raised in the North of

Noord-Holland, moved to Amsterdam when I was 18, and after having lived there for

over 20 years I moved to beautiful and more quiet Delft.

My husband and I have two cats named Muffin and Koetje (click to see photos).

As a dedicated and ardent cat-lover my cats are like children to me, but I have plenty of love

to give to other cats as well. Cats are addictive and the most beautiful creatures on earth,

as I’m sure you will agree!

Each cat I care for is treated as if it were my own (and my cats do not want for anything).

I love cats (and animals in general), so what could be better than taking care of other people’s cats?

I have 10 years of experience in cat sitting.

Having been around both kittens and older cats from a very early age, I’m well versed in interpreting their behaviour

and am experienced in dealing with cats of all shapes and sizes: pedigree or not, heavy or slim, young or old,

healthy or sick, playful or lazy, easy or needing an instruction manual, and so on.

In addition I have found that I frequently have a positive, calming effect on anxious cats.

Some cats avoid contact with strangers, but they usually react well to me and even approach me or let me stroke them.

The added value of my service is that I provide loving care and spend more time with

your cat than your neighbour, friend or family member might do.

I also guarantee you that I am reliable, and will fulfil all details of our agreement.

Naturally I will also be very careful with your personal information, keys and home.

It is completely understandable that you want to know who you are allowing into your house to

take care of your cat(s). Therefore the introductory interview is always free of charge

and without any obligations. If you do not have a good feeling about it or I don’t connect

with your cat, please feel free to look for another cat-sitter.

About me